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"Mark is an incredibly commercial, passionate and insightful thought leader who brings with him a wealth of experience in agile ways of working, corporate transformations and culture change as well as business leadership."

Richard Parker, CHRO

The Warehouse Group

"It was incredible to see how the Agile practise had launched and evolved under his leadership to be one that truly drive high-performance and was genuinely embedded in the culture throughout the organisation."

Cameron Death, Tribe Lead

The Warehouse Group

"Mark joined us right at the start of our Agile journey and he bought the knowledge we needed to move agile. However I think his real strength is his can-do attitude and the energy he brought to the transformation, both of these are infectious and catch on."

Piyush Pihade, Tribe Lead

The Warehouse Group

"Mark brings an energy and experience with is unmatched....Mark can connect with anyone and can turn complex concepts into simple to understand ideas - with loads of energy and enthusiasm to create excitement and engagement."

Dylan Weymouth, Tribe Lead

The Warehouse Group

"Mark has one of the sharpest minds in our business and has been an integral part of our transformation to a digital services business. Creative and energising, Mark inspires both his teams and his peers to push boundaries and lift performance."

Tessa Tierney, Chief Product Officer

Spark NZ

"Working with Mark, as Leadership peers, was one of the most constructive team experiences I've experienced. Mark is not only curious, creative and dynamic, he's an authentic collaborator, is on the lookout for opportunities and is always the first to put his hand up in support of 'moving' collectively."

Heather Polglase, CHRO

Spark NZ

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