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As part of their transformation from traditional telco to digital services provider, Spark had embedded "Little Can Be Huge" as a new brand platform, inspired by the things its customers do every day which unleash the potential of all New Zealanders. But the opportunity felt bigger: how could Spark turn a brand platform into an enduring business platform that could engage the whole company in their purpose? A core business thought emerged:


By being truly useful, we help our customers win a little victory every day


And so the 'Little Victories' cultural change platform was born - a very tangible way to put the customer at the heart of Spark's business, and to recognise and celebrate the incredible things Spark's teams do every day to make things a little better...

Introduce + Embed

Little Victories became the most successful internal campaign in the company's history. The Little Victories for our customers were brought to life in Spark's offices all over NZ on launch day: 77% of all Spark's people read the CEO's launch email; 650 boxes of stories arrived from Invercargill to Kerikeri to engage the teams; packs and posters even went to Spark's technical staff in Manila; the six main offices got LV hero walls, and the Auckland HQ got a massive digital wall with live updates. 


The stories were the key. 70% of all viewers watched the launch video to the very last second. Happy, sad, serious, lighthearted - everyone could relate to the stories. The real power of the platform was that every single person at Spark was capable of creating a Little Victory for a customer every day, and in all kinds of ways. From front-line sales teams to field engineers to back-office staff, everyone had a crucial part to play - and Spark put Little Victories at the heart of everything they did:

  • Making sure all Teams were focused on being 'truly useful' in their activities

  • Repositioning and rebranding customer and employee feedback: NPS and eNPS

  • Consolidating and rebranding all reward and recognition to Little Victories

  • Ensuring strategic programmes were customer oriented, with Little Victories as outcomes

Powerful & Sustainable Change

The objective with Little Victories was to create a business platform that could give real purpose to everyday tasks. The programme created huge engagement across all Teams, and created a new language across the business that has united all Spark's people in how they can deliver together for its customers.


"Congrats to you and your wider team on the Little Victories Launch yesterday - the vibe and buzz in Hamilton has been amazing and everyone is talking about it! People are even talking about how to make Hamilton the best Little Victories centre!" Spark New&Move Team

"This week we have started our LV workshops. I was really impressed with how easily the guys understood the difference they could make with sometimes really little things... and how everyone could become truly useful for our customers" Spark Agents@Home Team

"I really loved the Little Victory launch. It feels closely aligned to our Team mission of 'our success is your success' and i'm really pleased the team were able to so quickly find some Little Victories for our customers" Spark Wholesale Team

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